League Descriptions



Baseball at Greenbush Field 5:45-7:15pm Starting Sept 11 through Oct 26th $50 a player 

Monday: Rising 9 year old (birthday 9/1/14-8/31/15)

Tuesday: Rising 6  &  Rising 7 year old (birthday 9/1/18-8/31/17)

Wednesday: Rising 8 year old (birthday 9/1/15-8/31/16)

Thursday:  Rising 10-12 year old (birthday 9/1/11-8/31/14)





Softball at Cudworth Fields Sunday morning Starting Sept 10 through Oct 29th. $50 a player.

Clinics are organized by 2023-2024 school year grade. These are the same groups they will play with during the Spring of 2024. 


K-1st Grade

2nd-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade 


Clinics will be 75 minutes 

10:00-11:15-   Either K-1st or 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th grade